Your Pet
as Fine Art

If you simply want a photo of your dog, don't hire me. Get out your phone and take one.

If you want to display your pet like the royalty they are,

commission Gertz Gallery to create a stunning framed portrait for your wall. A true artistic portrait of the one who's there...really THERE...for you 24/7/365 with total acceptance, love, and non-judgement.

What's your vision of your dog (cat, hedgehog, pig, horse) on your wall?

Simple and regal in an Old Master's style? Wearing handmade steampunk regalia (my specialty)? Posing like Rose on the Titanic? Roasting marshmallows at a campout?

Anything you imagine, we can make happen. Here's how...

We'll start your artistic portrait process by taking photographs. Some really good ones. But photos are just source material for the magical artistry that comes next.

As a Certified Professional Photographer, Accredited Professional of Animal Imagery (and a bunch of other blingy accomplishments), I guarantee your finished artwork will be exactly what you dreamed of.

Premium Portrait Commission

$150 to Book
  • Additional $50 booking fee for more than 2 pets.
  • Full booking fee applies to your order.
  • Minimum order of $300.


Sample Work

View a sample of classic portraits, mixed media painted portraits, and elite fantasy portraits.

What People Say


The artistic portrait experience begins at my Middletown, Ohio studio. Let’s talk about a commission! Fill out the form below!